Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Valiram bazaar right here in my office building...

Did u know...?

that u have to close the unused phone applications to save battery life and enhance the maneuvering speed of the iPhone? well, i just knew... haha - been using it for quite a while, only found out about it yesterday.

this happened when i went to get my iPhone3G fixed due to the spoiled screen, (btw will cost me RM180 to fix), i also complained on the slow browsing and the guy checked my phone and started shaking his head... smiled and tell me, next time, try closing the opened applications... after doing so, the phone gets a bit faster to maneuver... bingo!

in case you are wondering how to close application on iPhone and to swap between applications, read below.
credits to: The New Gadget

How To: Close an application in Apple iPhone 4

I get several questions in my email everyday. This week, three people were asking me the same question, this post is for those three people and for everyone who is not sure about closing an application in Apple iPhone 4.
You must already be knowing that Apple iPhone 4 supports multitasking which means you can run multiple applications at the same time. If you have recently bought an iPhone 4 and if you’re not familiar with iOS, then this tutorial is for you.
This tutorial will teach you ‘how to swap between multiple application running on an iPhone 4′ and ‘how to close applications in an iPhone 4′.
If your iPhone’s battery is draining quickly, then check this out -

How to swap between multiple applications?
For checking the number of active applications, press the iPhone 4 Home Button twice. You’ll now be able to see the active applications and you’ll be able to swap between the active applications. You can check the picture below -
iPhone active applications
How to close an application in Apple iPhone 4?
It is really easy to close an application in iPhone 4. Press the Home Button twice. Now press and hold icon of any active application. You’ll now notice small red buttons on the top of icons. Press the red button to close the respective application.
Closing applications in iPhone 4

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Happy Father's Day!!!

My well wishes to all fathers out there...

This is my favourite father-son moment....

Friday, June 17, 2011

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Camping trip...

Erina & Eshmael went on camping trip right in the middle of...

the living room....

then one little gebu baby monster came and attack the camp site

kesiannnn... kena reject

terpaksa la bawak diri...
ooolllloooo buchuk ummiiiii....

Dino Alive!!!

Went to a birthday party at National Science Center and we saw these... 

There were many more dinos but it was placed in an exhibition room where they do not allow us to snap pictures... too bad...

The National Science Center is a fun and interesting place to bring the family, there are so many things to do and explore and it does not cost a bomb at the entrance fee. 

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

EZUIN's First Birthday!

Alhamdulillah my baby girl Ezuin celebrated her 1st year birthday with the loved ones. Nothing grand just a simple doa recitation with Ustaz Wan Adam and dinner with lauk kampung - nasi putih, sayur campur, daging salai masak cili padi, ayam goreng and ulam + sambal belacan! yumms!

Enjoy the pix!
Door gift for the guests... 

The STAR of the night!

The birthday cake from Vanilla Pod

Cuppies from Gugulicious
With the founder of Gugulicious - Aunty Jaja

With Bibik...

Thank you everyone for coming and for the gifts!


On her 1st birthday itself which is on the 24th February 2011, we went for a dinner at the nearby restaurant... just us!

Hari ni Ezuin belanjaaaaa.... yay!

Love u baby girl! 
Ummi doakan Ezuin be a good muslim and anak yg solehah. I only hope and pray for the best for u... 

It's been a while...

... since i posted anything in this blog. My bad! Been lazy and not sticking to my resolution.

Insya Allah will get in to gear and continue blogging, next coming entries will be backdated entries of the past.

Will keep up posted!