Monday, November 15, 2010

Ayers Rock

Ayers Rock, Butcher and Grill.
Lot 04-G, D'Bayu, Jalan Serambi U8/24,
Bukit Jelutong,
40150 Shah Alam,

We had late lunch yesterday, at the restaurant above. It is a butcher shop cum western steak restaurant. We have passed by the place so many times but somehow didn't make a stop to give it a try. But yesterday, we gave it a try.

We only brought Eshmael this time around since the other 2 are sleeping at tok ibu's house. This way we can eat in peace... hahah terrible mom
Below are some food picture:
Abi and his massive burger

Eshmaels chicken sausage

My Rib Eye Steak

There is no fancy way of cooking, its the meat, normal grill and topped with white sauce that is simply delicious. Sides are some salad and potato salad or fries.

All in all, the place was OK. clean. good food - not the best, but OK. fast service. nice ambiance & decor.

Went for tutti frutti to get some desert... It is the in thing for quite some time now, but i nih jer ketinggalan... Anyway, this is my first cup...

Original TF with everything nice... As a conclusion, i think it goes well with chocolate and nata d coco.
Will try other flavours next time...


Friday, November 12, 2010

Single MOM weekend...

Hubby was away on his golfing trip for the whole weekend. My program while he was away includes, wedding invitation, birthday party invitation and sleepover at Moms place.

At the wedding...- it was a night wedding and its bedtime for my baby monster...

No pictures at the birthday party

Weekend at Moms...
Late breakfast but worth the wait... sista made Baked Macaroni... nom nom nom...

Then me, my sis & sis in law brought the kids to empire to take a ride on this...

sadly Erina couldn't go on it due to her height... so we end up spending sometime at toys r us instead. did some window shopping around empire, then head home.

some pictures of the kids goofing around on the rides... SOFEA, MIRZA, MIFZAL, ERINA & ESHMAEL... IMRAN didn't want to be in the picture...

in case u are wondering where is the little monster.... die kena tinggal kat umah with mak tok... don't think i can handle her antics by myself...

Later that day we stopped by here... interesting shop... cute! should i consider a BB?? hhmmm

All in all... i had a GREAT weekend!

Monday, November 8, 2010


who wouldn't be if other people does not respect your property doesn't it?

this morning as i was about to use my phone cable, i found some kind of substance at the tip... brushing it off thinking it is just dust... but as i look closer, there are something INSIDE the cable tip! INSIDE OK! its like candle/wax that was pressed inside the tip of the cable! ARRRRGGggggghhhhh.....  GERAM OK!!!!!

if you think its a joke! I AM NOT LAUGHING! i don't find it funny when people play around with other peoples property, especially if it comes to gadgets and fragile things... and i also dont find it funny playing around with peoples feelings!

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

My first time...

This is my first time making an entry using my newly purchased application... Testing testing!

Some random pictures...

My baby monster is 8 months old
- able to sit up straight on her own
- starting to pull self up and stand and trying to make baby steps
- eats almost anything
- still on exclusive EBM
- suffering from massive case of saperation anxiety

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Monday, November 1, 2010

FOOD + Friends = Great Combination

i enjoy good food... (which explains my horizontal growth .. hik hik)
i always read blogs where people manage to snap their food before feasting on it... i find that a bit difficult... coz when the food arrive... focus is directly on the food and scooping it to my mouth... but i still try to snap the food pix when i remember... here are some of the food pictures...

had lunch with roger + elia at Basil, BV. This is one of the best Thai restaurant with not so Thai-like decor. Good food, reasonable price. (if you're paying with HSBC card or any other participating cards, you'll get 10% off the total bill)

Went for Japanese buffet dinner at Jogoya, Starhill with my Subang Girls... this happens like 2-3 months once. Not easy to get everyone time... There were several options to begin with Lala Chong, Celabu seafood, KDE crispy duck, JOGOYA japs buffet. The vote went out to JOGOYA. Currently it's going on promotion - ladies are entitled with 50% discount. The normal rate is RM88++.
As I was about to call and make reservation, i happen to stumble upon reviews in TRIPADVISOR. there were a handful of negative reviews on JOGOYA.
Worst restaurant ever, not just worst buffet
What a dump!

Awful food and cleanliness all for a high price.

An expensive and unpleasant canteen kind of place

We were undecided at this moment... but Lin just wanted to give it a try and see the place. So we all went there.... its 'pay before enter' concept - its RM57 for each of us...

It actually turned out GREAT! I guess thanks to the review, I was mentally prepared - for the noise, the ambiance, the people,  the place. the malay workers were helpful enough to accommodate our requests for seating arrangement. Aside from the bad review, i find that the place is OK. Large choice of food, the salmon sashimi was fresh n soooo sedap. The western food range is also sedap. Seafood is also sedap. Ice Cream HaagenDasz - mmg la sedap... basically everything was sedap. Accompanied by good friends... makes a perfect night out! (but as usual - no pictures of the food)
After makan makan (mind u we only had a 2 hour limit) we walked back to Pavi and just hangout by the sidewalk...(dont u think pavillion has a very nice exterior building decor) chit chat some more... then head back to the parking lot. Hana shared a ride back to BJ.