Monday, January 17, 2011

Junior Masterchef...

in training...

At home on weekend and nothing to do? bake some cookies and mix some colored icing and just let the kids have fun showing off their skills...

it was fun just messing around with the cookies and icing...

The Tasik Indah Seafood

We had makan besar to celebrate Moks birthday... the chosen location is The Tasik Indah Seafood.

Here are some of the food we had...

Steamed Siakap

Deep fried with flour squid

Roasted chicken

Tiger prawn fried with butter

Black pepper fried crab

Sweet & spicy crab meat - served with a yummy loaf

since i have to keep my hands clean all the time (in case Ezuin needs me), en suami dgn baik hati crack up the crabs for me! 
showing off the juicy n succulent piece of meat!

 main with the sepit...

the food here is OK, but honestly I've had better seafood and faster service. the crowd is quite overwhelming,  luckily we made reservations for 20... 2 big tables of course. not so much fun when we had to split in to 2 groups. 

All the food above (times 2 portion) plus drinks and white rice, the bill came up to RM900++. 

will i go there again? i guess not if it were up to me, but klu ade orang nak belanja... i followwwww

61 years old... not that old rite?!

Mom turn 61 years of age last week... we had simple pot luck to celebrate it... enjoy the pictures

with her cucu's - missing from the picture are Miqail, Mirza & Mifzal