Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Eid Mubarak - Part 1

Salam Aidilfitri to all, 
Ampun maaf zahir & batin

This year we started the Raya holidays at BJ in the morning of 1st Syawal, then went for lunch at SJ before proceeding to menziarah Aunty & Uncles place in Cheras, Zoo View & Kemensah. As usual it ended quite late and the kids sleep in their raya clothes. 

sisters... all dolled up while waiting for the others to be ready

lepak tgk tv dulu while waiting for the others..

one of the ways to keep her still n quiet - FEED her!

tired at last house...

buat perangai kat rumah orang... be continued

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Deals & bargains...

I am a sucker for bargains... These are some of my purchases..

To explore more bargains visit the following links:

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Friday, July 29, 2011

Another one bites the dust!

My brother in law got engaged on 3rd July 2011 to his lovely girlfriend Tisha. Congratulations! Insya Allah...

Hantaran by non other then my MIL... 
Sirih junjung

Cincin for merisik

Rantai for Tunang

Cuppies by Gugulicious

fruit in bottle...

Welcome to the family Tisha..

One happy family

iklan hari raya...

I'm no beauty queen, I'm just beautiful me!

Early this year I made a resolution : I must take better care of my skin!

So I purchased this...
Basic facial product from Clinique

Everything works well on my skin, after some time, I added the night cream, eye cream and a full size sun block. That has been my full skin ritual. I love Clinique because they always give out free samples - some days, a coupon card will arrive and need to collect the free samples. 
Now added to the collection is Clinique BB Cream. I love that as well.... it feels nice on the skin.

But after sometime using Clinique, felt curious on other brands/products. Browsing around and got interested with this:- (who wouldn't be looking at the skeletons & motorbikes in a beauty product shop?!)

Looking that my toner will be running out, so my first purchase at Kiehl's is their famous Calendula Herbal-Extract Alcohol-Free Toner. Attracted to it because... it has actual Calendula flower in it! And also it smells nice. And coz it's one of the best sellers. 

Give it a try for a week - unfortunately if does not suit my face. Started to get bad reactions - blemishes started coming out at my T-zone. boohoo... too bad can't continue to have flower extract be spread over my face day and night. 
The good thing is - Kiehls can refund full amount! wehooo... so I brought it back to the shop and changed it to another toner. They actually said, I need to give more time with the product and let my skin adjust to the toner content - but I don't feel comfortable to keep using it knowing it has bad immediate effect. So I decided to change, this time I tried... Ultra Facial Oil-Free Toner. 

I am LOVING this toner!!!! I can really feel the difference, face is more brighter (not fairer ya) and definitely feels better. And NO BAD effects... Alhamdulillahhhh

Next item to try (when my Clinique facial cleanser finishes) is the Ultra Facial Cleanser... claimed to be one of the best selling cleanser...

Next step - Go for facial once a month.... what & where to get a good facial?

1. All of the above is my personal testimony and based on personal experience, I am not affiliated to any brands.  
2. Pictures googled.

Tooth fairy has a job tonight..

See the missing tooth? hhhhmmm sadly I was not at the crime scene when it went missing.

This pretty set of teeth with one missing belongs to Erina my banana... her first tooth came out when she was on a trip to Muar with Toks & Aunts & Uncle. It came out when she was trying to open the lid of a mentos bottle. There was screaming & shouting, but probably not due to the pain but more coz of panic seeing all the blood coming out.

All i know, i received a text message from my MIL saying, Erina's lower teeth tercabut. My only concern was - did the whole tooth came out or broke in to half? Well everything came out... *glad*

Part of me is sad coz I did not share the moment and be there for her, but another part of me is glad coz dentistry is one of my worst fear!
En. Suami - if you are reading this, the dentist visits for the kids will be under ur share of things to do ya! I dont want them to inherit my fear of dentist, I might just do that if had to take them there...

Is it normal for a kid to start loosing teeth at the age of 5?

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Hantaran kahwin yang cantikkkk...

What do you think of these gorgeous hantaran?

Sirih junjung

Baju melayu




These are original creations of my mother in law... Interested? Email me at

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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Friday, July 1, 2011

Girlfriends + Shopping + Spa = GREAT COMBO!

Went for an all girls trip to Jakarta last weekend... had a blast. The members of the trip are Nasz, Lin, Hana, Hani, Dana & Me. Most of us are married with kids and we are lucky enough to have such great husband and give us a break from mummy duty and daddy take on the mummy/daddy role for 3d2n. TQ lahlingggg....

Day 1 (25th June 2011)
I left the house at 4.00am. to catch the 7 o'clock flight. Truth be told, I was a quite excited & nervous the night before (sampai tak lena tido u)... part of it being afraid of overslept and miss out the flight the the whole thing, thinking of my baby Ezuin that is still on BF at night, how i am going to miss Erina's sports day (that was suppose to be scheduled in May), leaving my darling husband with 3 handful adorable. 
well... i made it to the airport by 5am and meet up with the girls, had our super early breakfast at McD and check in...

teman jakartaku...

arrived in Jakarta with our empty suitcases

First stop is Tanah Abang. Nothing else but shop shop & shop... sorry no pictures of Tanah Abang - too busy shopping! Then we had lunch at Tanabang  food court - no pictures of the food as well since we were too hungry to even bother to take out the camera. 
Next while waiting for the kijang to pick us up at the lobby, the crowd there made some noise with police blowing whistle as if there is a riot! panic OK!!! then we started to hear people mentioning AFGAN! AFGAN! takut la pula terrorist kan... turns out, it was the indo pop artist AFGAN! he was in a car passing by TA lobby to avoid the macet! The Indonesians really go all out for their celebrity, it will not happen here in Malaysia (at least i think so)

Later we check in at Cemara Hotel Jln Wahid Hasyim - chosen due to price & location and ade bilik junior suite family which consist of 2 queen size bed. the room is great, comfy and spacious. just nice. 

In the evening some of us head to Mayestik while the others went for spa treatment at Bersih Sihat located right in front of the hotel. This is not the kind of spa where u are being treated in a private room with private shower, its only being separated by curtains. But i can tell u, this spa gives the best massage at the best price. and it offers the best Jahe ever! 

For dinner, we head to Plaza Indonesia to taste the best mee ayam ever. I think it was at the food court at the ground floor. And for dessert we had Sour Sally... its a very nice cute little shop that offers frozen yogurt with delicious toppings. Someone should bring in this franchise into Malaysia. 
Mee Ayam Jamur something something...

ade delivery OK!

It was sale season and the shops open until 12 midnight, me & lin tawaf the shops until our feet could not take it anymore, the other dah surrender back to the hotel. 

Day 2 (26th June 2011)
The plan for today is to head to Mayestik to shop for fabrics. so after light breakfast, we went straight to Mayestik. first stop - Centro. i love this shop, its a bit on the high end side. a bit expensive but the selections is so very gorgeous. again no pictures of us ladies crazy fabric shopping. only pictures of us having japanese lunch at midori, right beside bersih sihat. by the way, bersih sihat cawangan mayestik is slightly cheaper then the one at wahid hasyim. Midori food is great and the price is reasonable. 6 person dining cost ard IDR480,000 (equals to approx RM170.00)

Hana, Lin & Nor head to Grand Indonesia while the I, Nasz, Hani & Dana  went to Plaza Block M for hair treatment session. I had a hair cut, Cream bath, shoulder massage, medi & pedi all for IDR225,000 (approx MYR 80.00) worth it!

chillaxing time... we went for coffee coffee at Kopi Luwak. some dislikes the idea of the coffee beans origins, but for me, i don't see it as a big deal. 

see me eyeing for something... i was actually reading a banner in front of Polo Ralph Lauren boutique saying - shop for IDR500,000 and above and get a 50% discount on next purchase. we know, the PRL Indo is slightly different from PRL US, but hey it is still original right. hehe... so we all went ahead to buy 2-3 pieces each for our man. 

Nasz & Dana - see the number of paper bags from PRL... suke suke suke!

Now its time for our Grand Dinner. Suggested venue is the Social House Grand Indonesia. We all dolled up nice & pretty for the last night in Jakarta. 
Us at the hotel lobby...

My dinner - Crispy John Dory & Lychee Fruit Tea

Total for 8 pax.... we love our waiter Ferdy... friendly and pleasant.

at the Social House balcony - overlooking some celebration, it was Jakarta 484 birthday...

Of Chanel,Clarks, Payless, Aldo, Ferragamo & Marc Jacobs

Whats for supper? 
This is actually for Ezuin... sorry baby girl... this has to go down the drain...

Day 3 (27th June 2011)
I went for another spa session with Nasz (going for facial) at Marthatilaar. This time, its a luxurious spa aromatherapy1 1/2 hour message. The others went to repeat shopping session at Tanah Abang. Later we meet up again at Holland Bakery for some kek lapis and brownies. 
 There is actually a small windmill located on top of the building... cute!

Then we came back to the hotel for last minute packing and checked out. 
This is a very useful tool, we call it 'AMY'. 
Have to be mindful of the weight we are bringing back - no access baggage

Last but not least, the trip to Indonesia will not be complete without the ever famous nasi padang. So I finally had my Garuda nasi pasang as the last meal in Jakarta. Great ending... yummy!

We head on to the airport 6 hours earlier then our flight... as suggested by our supir. bimbang macet on monday. But we were fine with it... rather then being stuck in the unpredictable macet and miss our flight, we opt to just hang around at the airport. 
Upon arrival, we sent for solat then chill at A&W before checking in. And we roam around the duty-free shops buying perfumes and cigarettes (kretek) - yg org kirim...

arrive with 2 trolley and and leaving with 4 trolleys... sakan la jugaks

Till then Jakarta.... till we meet again...