Wednesday, December 29, 2010


This entry is dedicated to my darling husband for being patient and cooperative while i am down with fever.

The day ezuin was discharged, the fever baton was passed to me. It was not a mild fever, on average it was 39 degrees.

Being sick n weak, hubby took care of the kids on his own. He bathe, play with them, prepared milk and feed them. Yes he cooked for them, breakfast n lunch. In between all this he had to layan kerenah mengada masing masing which actually drove him insane once in a while but he manage.

Oh he also did the laundry which was long overdue since our holiday trip and night stays at the hospital and he vacuum the house since the kids made a mess with food.

I am greatful to have married my darling husband.

Thank you awak!!!! Love u!!!!

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Saturday, December 25, 2010

Scare of my life!

Approximately 3.30pm on 23 dec 2010, i received a call from my MIL saying that baby ezuin is not well and had to be rushed to the hospital. She manage to keep a stabil n calm voice but God knows my feeling at that time. I wanted to just rush out of the office but thinking it may be the last day of work for 2010, i tried my level best to finish what i was doing as fast as i can. But it wasnt easy trying to focus at that time.

Then i took a cab straight to SDMC. Upon arrival at the emergency ward, i saw hubby, the maid, my BIL, some aunties, my cousin who works there and my MIL holding my baby, she was sleeping n doing fine. Alhamdulillah.

What happened:
Ezuin was having high fever, n we took her to the nearby clinic before work. Doc perscribed sub medication. Her next dose would be ard 3pm
At 3pm the maid tried to feed some cereal and milk before giving med. At that point she started to react. She had stiff arms, blue lips, rolled up eyes. Maid was shocked, screamed my for my BIL to tke her to the clinic. He was in a rush left the house without slippers or even wallet.

There the maid explained to them ezuin came in earlier this morning and told them what happened. At that point ezuin was still unconcious. The doc tried to wake her up by rolling her, pat on her back. No effect. Then put in another dose of sub. Pat on her back again, only then she started to wake up n crying. Then she was taken to the emergency ward.
At the same time, MIL also left for the hosp.They arrive before ezuin . By luck the aunties with her is a regular at the hosp. Manage to get help to register n pull out her med record before ezuin arrive.

Poor baby had to have an IV line set in her right hand... That was a painful n scary moment... Cian die...

There, that was a scary moment isnt it?

Now baby monster ezuin is resting in the ward. Still feverish. Had her blood and urine tested. Everything is fine. So its just plain fever, but very hot hot fever.
Due to the constant checking n monitoring of the nurses, taking tempreture, giving meds n all, she has developed a fear for the nurses in pink. She will shy away as soon as they enter the room, cry her lungs out as soon as they touch her and immediately stop crying when they are out of sight.

Oh by the way, she is 10 months old yesterday. And this is how she celebrated her 10 month birthday... Got a x mas goodie bag from the nurses...

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Our small romantic adventurous celebration... part II

Just a few weeks before our anniversary, i went ahead n bought this... from here

it was a voucher for 2 person to go for an ATV adventure ride. u can actually purchase the package directly from the ATV adventure park, for more information click here But i choose to go via red ribbon for its packaging and the surprise delivery to him in his office. sad to say, i do not have a picture of the item during delivery or the facial expression of him during the acceptance of the delivery. probably the company should include in the package to snap the picture of the recipient during delivery..
the voucher was in an envelope tied with RRD ribbons and tied with 3 red helium balloons.. cute la konon

off we went up to kemensah hill to enjoy the new experience. 

getting ready

US in the woods

US at our pit stop ~ a small water fall

overall, it was fun and exiting adventure for both of us. it was a first time for him and me... trust me it is not an easy machine to handle. it took me sometime to master the skill to maneuverer the quad bike. even with the short course, i had started to rasa lenguh lenguh. it was good that there was only 2 of us, so the guide could focus on me! kih kih kih... it was a rough terrain, with up hill and down hill course. i actually went off course twice and pause not knowing how to undo my mistake, the guide had to come over to my bike and guide me. hubby was doing fine... he even manage to video record the journey, haih.. if only the guide notice his recording while riding, mesti kena marah..haha... it was fun.we had a good laugh. 

another plus point of the place it the feminine soft touch in the rough n rugged setting. check out the toiletries made ready for the customers to bathe n shower after the adventure. sweet kan! siap ade flower lavender tuuuu. the water was great! yer la kan, direct supply from the river...

another great thing about the place is, it can be accommodating for family members too, if for example, while the men went out for a ride, the family members can hang around at the pool area. they can even have BBQ at the area.
 at first i tot it was a fish pond, but it is actually a swimming pool, supplied with fresh water no chlorine and inside the pool, it is decorated with big huge batu sungai... 

it is a very nice and well kept place. will definitely come here again and do the longer course and have a pit stop at the Sofea Jane waterfall...

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Our small romantic adventurous celebration...part 1

this is for memory keepsake...

unlike previous year where we celebrate our anniversary with the adorables taking a trip up north and checking in the famous Hard Rock Hotel Penang. It was fun, but this time around its gonna be 'just the 2 of us'. but mind u, it is not easy to get some alone time - leaving them on the weekends or dinner time will leave me with some guilt feeling. so we decided to take leave from work and spend the day together.

on the anniversary itself we went to have early early dinner at Harrods KLCC. this is a first time for me n him. so we were on JAKUN MODE... every little details of the restaurant was analysed. we were seated at the end corner of the room, it was great since we get the full view of the restaurant. the restaurant was small probably could accommodate not more then 40 pax at one time, giving the feeling of tranquility and exclusivity. 

Here are some of pictures taken
Happy anniversary darling!!! muahhhh....

The hard roll & soft roll ~ as claimed by YATI, u cant buy/find this other then harrods.

gambar butter pon ambik jugak?

My ty nant

My Harrods Blend 49 tea, actually forgot to snap his drink, i guess coz he only took some ice blended drink - nothing fancy about that... haha

My roast beef with yorkshire pudding

His Salted Beef Sandwich - i like it!
but he is more american then an english person, for him english mustard have a bit of wasabi taste which for him does not really go well with the beef sandwich. owh by the way, u can actually request have the sauces separated from the sandwich

one happy bunny!

good marks for friendly waitress (YATI), cleanliness, food presentation, food taste. but it was a tad bit expensive. with 2 meals, 2 drinks and a water, the bill came up to RM200++. will i go there again? yes! but i'll keep it for special occasions only.

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

6 years & still counting...

6 years ago, this happened...

it was a nice n simple ceremony. the solemnization was at 8.45pm 3rd December 2004. It was held at my house in SJ. the theme was greenish and the in laws came in yellow... quite a nice combo.
this is my view during akad - thanks to my impromptu bridesmaid yg mmg suke snap snap. before the big day, we stopped seeing each other for 1 week... and during the ceremony, this is my view, only after lafaz nikah and solat sunat baru dapat tengok muke husband terchenta! 
my mas kahwin

my mother in white tudung n my MIL in yellow tudung
(check out the nicely lined hantaran... perfectly done with love by MIL)
my in laws... 

my girlfriends...

we had the reception on 4th December 2004, 12.00pm to 4.00pm. the color theme was pink n purple & my laws came in red. Also a nice color coordination. Many many thanks to my family n friend especially MKL for all of her hard work and assisting my mom in the whole wedding prep things. Greatest thanks to my mom for being understanding and cool, calm n relaxed person through out the whole thing and also for financing the whole the whole thing. he he he... my savings was spend only on the hantarans and cameraman / videographer. Owh by the way, the person responsible to capture all the precious moments are: Saiful Nang & Manggis Production. They are highly recommended!

the next day  (5th December 2004) we had another reception at his family house. the reception was a double celebration. it was my majlis menerima menantu and also my SIL engagement ceremony. the color combination for the day was silver/grey, baby blue n while. it was a full day event. started the morning with Qatam Quran, during lunch my wedding reception with bersanding, in the evening it was engagement ceremony for SIL and dinner with another small bersanding for close family and ended the night with some kareoke session. fffuuuhhhh......

then on the 18th December 2004, we had another reception - may i say the 'Grand Reception' arranged by my inlaws. it was at Dewan Perdana Felda. the color theme was white n green. every single bit of the wedding was meticulously planned, arranged, done by my MIL. lets just say it was her life long dream to plan for her first son wedding. she is a perfectionist and a very creative person. and everything was perfect. from the entrance deco, to the pengirings outfit, pelamin deco, timing, song selection, wedding invitation and also the most important - WEDDING FAVOURS! each one was perfectly done by herself. all 1000 pieces of 3 items. some offered to help but she ended up re-doing it to her standard.

the last but not least, we had a special night dedicated to the opening of all wedding gifts and presents that was done on the 31st December 2004. 
(sorry no wedding pictures from his side...)

With so many dates celebrating our wedding - i shall declare and celebrate our anniversary for the whole month of December every year... it'll be OUR LOVE MONTH!!!!

All in all it was a tired hectic but enjoyable time of my life. will always treasure it....

Friday, December 17, 2010

Oh! ibu mertua ku....

What do you guys think of these designs? U like?
Sirih junjung + buah

Wang Hantaran

Barang kemas + mas kahwin

kain pasang




(picture is taken by an amateur using simple point n shoot cammie... 
trust me it looks a lot better real life)

proudly presenting creative creations hand made by my mother in law. these hantaran is made for hire.

for further inquiry, please email me at

pictures below is for the fun of taking pictures... test skill la konon

Thursday, December 16, 2010


14 Perkara Yang Sunat Dilakukan Pada Hari Asyura (10 Muharram, bersamaan
KHAMIS, 16 DEC 2010)

1. Melapangkan masa / belanja anak  , suami & isteri2
fadhilat - Allah akan melapangkan hidupnya pada tahun ini.

2. Memuliakan fakir miskin
fadhilat - Allah akan melapangkannya dalam kubur nanti.

3. Menahan marah
fadhilat - Di akhirat nanti Allah akan memasukkannya ke dalam golongan
yang ridha.

4. Menunjukkan orang sesat
fadhilat - Allah akan memenuhkan cahaya iman dalam hatinya.

5. Menyapu / mengusap kepala anak yatim
fadhilat - Allah akan mengurniakan sepohon pokok di syurga bagi
tiap-tiap rambut yang di sapunya.

6. Bersedekah
fadhilat - Allah akan menjauhkannya daripada neraka sekadar jauh seekor
gagak terbang tak berhenti-henti dari kecil sehingga ia mati. Diberi
pahala seperti bersedekah kepada semua fakir miskin di dunia ini.

7. Memelihara kehormatan diri
fadhilat - Allah akan mengurniakan hidupnya sentiasa diterangi cahaya

8. Mandi Sunat
fadhilat - Tidak sakit (sakit berat)pada tahun itu lafaz niat : 'Sahaja
aku mandi sunat hari Asyura kerana Allah Taala'

9. Bercelak
fadhilat - tidak akan sakit mata pada tahun itu.

10. Membaca Qulhuwallah hingga akhir seribu kali
fadhilat - Allah akan memandanginya dengan pandangan rahmah diakhirat nanti.

11. Sembahyang sunat empat rakaat
fadhilat - Allah akan mengampunkan dosanya walau telah berlarutan selama
50 tahun melakukannya.
lafaz niat : 'Sahaja aku sembahyang sunat hari Asyura empat rakaat
kerana Allah Taala'
Pada rakaat pertama dan kedua selepas fatihah di baca Qulhuwallah
sebelas kali.

12. Membaca
'hasbiyallahhu wani'mal wakil wa ni'mal maula wa ni'mannasiiru'
fadhilat - Tidak mati pada tahun ini .

13. Menjamu orang berbuka puasa
fadhilat - Diberi pahala seperti memberi sekalian orang Islam berbuka

14. Puasa
Niat - 'Sahaja aku berpuasa esok hari sunat hari Asyura kerana Allah
fadhilat - Diberi pahala seribu kali Haji, seribu kali umrah dan seribu
kali syahid dan diharamkannya daripada neraka.

Semoga Bermanfaat Dan Dapat Dipanjangkan Kepada Yang Lain-Lain.

My little performer

"Hello everyone! we would like to take you to the animal kingdom, let's enjoy the show. Please welcome to the Brittania Land"

Erina has been practicing for her concert for the past month... the speech above was her script before the show accompanied by a boy named Zafran. But i swear i only heard her voice. hehe loud little girl.

Her performance was to dance to the song "the lion sleep tonight". Everyone was in animal costumes and she was wearing the ELEPHANT suit.

I can tell she is very very excited about the whole concert thing, she went of to bed early the night before citing - 'Umi, teacher suruh tido awal sebab esok nak concert' mind u, she will follow semua yg teacher cakap ok! teacher this, teacher that... in the morning she wakes up smiling and rushing for shower coz she didn't want to be late. The challenge was to prepare all 3 kids by 7.30am. Imagine getting the sleepy head Eshmael to shower and dress up and showering baby Ezuin in the early morning.... cian baby... Luckily the clothes are ironed & bags are all packed the night before. We manage to leave home by 7.40am.

We didn't really know where is Kelab Shah Alam (the concert venue), just drove by heading to Shah Alam hoping to see a signboard. Amazingly Erina actually remember the route to the venue. When she saw the building, she pointed it out to her Abi. She went there once for full dress rehearsal. She kept saying... its at BUKIT TINGGI SHAH ALAM... which actually turns to be an uphill drive to the club. Smart little girl!

As we reached the venue, drop her off to get ready and we left for a quick brekkie at Syed. And went back to the place at 9.30. the venue was ok. quite small and the audience seating arrangement was not really conducive, considering the talents that day was kindy kids... those seated at the back row cant really see. Plus with people standing to see each performance, doesn't really help.
Again... no pictures during her show or any other kids show since, Ezuin fell a sleep in my arms in the beginning of the show and Eshmael was cranky and wants to sit with Abi at all times, there was no chance for us to go infront and snap snap.. we'll just wait for the video prepared by the school.

But we did however manage to snap some pictures in the changing room after the show. Here are some of the pictures...
with teacher niza

with teacher nisa

with best friend - Kyra

getting ready for group photo

~ eshmael probly thinks erina looks wierd

I enjoyed Erina's first concert! I am so happy that she didn't buat perangai before, during or after the show. I must say, she was a cute little elephant! Wonder what's in it for next year.

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Instant vs home cook

(backdated post - been a while since i blogged)

i finally succumb to these....

poor baby i only manage to cook her daily meal for one and a half month, then i decided to buy a box of the cereal as standby in case the food i prepared not to her liking or tak sempat masak for the day. then realizing the convenience that came with it, i started to pack away the baby blender and buy a whole lot of instant cereals.

among the meals i prepare for baby ezuin...(basically campak whatever available in the fridge)
apple puree
pear puree
rice, butternut squash
sweet pea puree
rice, carrot, spinach, kurma
rice, carrot, kurma
avocado, kurma

barli, prune

from the list above, her fav ingredient is KURMA... i guess because her first tasting is mostly kurma. wanna know why? she reached 5mo++ in the month of ramadhan, time semua orang buke puasa, i will sit with her in the TV room while taking turns with hubby. so i buka puasa with kurma while holding her, being curious at that age, she kept on opening her mouth and reaching towards my food. to keep her quiet, i let her suck on the kurma from my fingers. she love IT! who wouldn't? its KURMA, sweet. and being her first food, - the only food... of course la die sukerrrr sgt.

but now, i am cooking again after almost 1 month of instant food, why? because my baby monster is starting to be picky now... she doesn't want the instant ones anymore. sometimes, she'll just end up finishing all the milk in storage and not eat. which got me panic... looking at the empty storage of EBM! - thats another story.

on one hand, i like the convenience that came with the instant food, but on the other hand, i LIKE the fact that she loves my cooking! hahah