Friday, July 29, 2011

Tooth fairy has a job tonight..

See the missing tooth? hhhhmmm sadly I was not at the crime scene when it went missing.

This pretty set of teeth with one missing belongs to Erina my banana... her first tooth came out when she was on a trip to Muar with Toks & Aunts & Uncle. It came out when she was trying to open the lid of a mentos bottle. There was screaming & shouting, but probably not due to the pain but more coz of panic seeing all the blood coming out.

All i know, i received a text message from my MIL saying, Erina's lower teeth tercabut. My only concern was - did the whole tooth came out or broke in to half? Well everything came out... *glad*

Part of me is sad coz I did not share the moment and be there for her, but another part of me is glad coz dentistry is one of my worst fear!
En. Suami - if you are reading this, the dentist visits for the kids will be under ur share of things to do ya! I dont want them to inherit my fear of dentist, I might just do that if had to take them there...

Is it normal for a kid to start loosing teeth at the age of 5?

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