Friday, July 29, 2011

I'm no beauty queen, I'm just beautiful me!

Early this year I made a resolution : I must take better care of my skin!

So I purchased this...
Basic facial product from Clinique

Everything works well on my skin, after some time, I added the night cream, eye cream and a full size sun block. That has been my full skin ritual. I love Clinique because they always give out free samples - some days, a coupon card will arrive and need to collect the free samples. 
Now added to the collection is Clinique BB Cream. I love that as well.... it feels nice on the skin.

But after sometime using Clinique, felt curious on other brands/products. Browsing around and got interested with this:- (who wouldn't be looking at the skeletons & motorbikes in a beauty product shop?!)

Looking that my toner will be running out, so my first purchase at Kiehl's is their famous Calendula Herbal-Extract Alcohol-Free Toner. Attracted to it because... it has actual Calendula flower in it! And also it smells nice. And coz it's one of the best sellers. 

Give it a try for a week - unfortunately if does not suit my face. Started to get bad reactions - blemishes started coming out at my T-zone. boohoo... too bad can't continue to have flower extract be spread over my face day and night. 
The good thing is - Kiehls can refund full amount! wehooo... so I brought it back to the shop and changed it to another toner. They actually said, I need to give more time with the product and let my skin adjust to the toner content - but I don't feel comfortable to keep using it knowing it has bad immediate effect. So I decided to change, this time I tried... Ultra Facial Oil-Free Toner. 

I am LOVING this toner!!!! I can really feel the difference, face is more brighter (not fairer ya) and definitely feels better. And NO BAD effects... Alhamdulillahhhh

Next item to try (when my Clinique facial cleanser finishes) is the Ultra Facial Cleanser... claimed to be one of the best selling cleanser...

Next step - Go for facial once a month.... what & where to get a good facial?

1. All of the above is my personal testimony and based on personal experience, I am not affiliated to any brands.  
2. Pictures googled.

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  1. yer2....kena setat jaga kulit dari sekarang, to fight that anti-ageing laa kunun....hahahhaaa

    Aku pun tgh cari2 jugak good brand eye cream and night cream :)